UK Cyber-Security Strategy Launched

25 November 2011

Francis Maude, the Minister for the Cabinet Office, launched the new UK Cyber-Security Strategy this week as part of the UK’s response to the growing threat of cyber-terror, cyber-crime and the heightened risks that arise from our reliance on cyberspace.

The strategy provides definition and direction on how the UK will shape the next phases of it’s response to emerging cyberspace threats. Last year the government set aside nearly £650 billion under the National Security Strategy to boost the UK’s preparedness to handle and reduce the threat of cyber-crime and incidents.

There are four key objectives under the new strategy:

1)      Making the UK secure by tackling cyber-crime

2)      Helping the UK to become more resilient to cyber-attack and improving counter-attack capabilities

3)      Defining the UK’s role in creating a vibrant cyber-space for our citizens to enjoy

4)      Developing skills, knowledge and capability to underpin our cyber-security objectives

Key elements of the strategy are important developments in identifying, detecting and prosecuting cyber-criminals and those involved in fraudulent and illegal practices using cyber-space. The strategy sets out the incorporation of specialist law enforcement functions into the National Crime Agency, and encouraging the use of cyber-specialists to assist the Police with investigations and prosecutions.

The strategy ensures that there will be a real partnership approach with law enforcement professionals working closely with industry to pursue and convict criminals. This extends to utilising the specialist capabilities available throughout industry and working closely with large private sector companies to share risk information, threat information and GCHQ developed expertise.


Exciting times ahead for those helping to fight the wave of criminal activity enabled by cyberspace

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