Understanding the Computer Forensics Process

20 January 2012

In the past, forensics took place by trawling through cupboards, drawers, underneath beds or wherever else anything unusual might be hidden, but as we are deep into the digital age, this act of intricate search and recovery needs to take place within the technological treasure trove that is our computers. While it can be hard to understand how this retrieval can take place, the hard drives of our computers are almost a memory bank of everything that has gone through them. We at IntaForensics have the tools to find what you need, and have devised this article to help you understand the computer forensics process.

Firstly, the specialised computer forensics services we offer fall into these 3 separate categories:

–    Imaging Only: We will create an advanced forensic image of all digital media and preserve its integrity for proceedings at a later date. We will then return the media to the instructing party.

–    Preview Computer Forensic Analysis: This service allows you to take a tentative step forward in computer forensic analysis if you are unsure of what may be found. The analysis will identify if there is any ‘live’ data present that would warrant a full computer forensic analysis.

–    Full Computer Forensic Analysis: If there is in fact data present that warrants full retrieval, this service will recover and analyse all of it – including anything that has been ‘deleted’ (which can often be the case).

While all of these services differ in their levels of recovery and what they may find, the process of investigation will involve the four main steps of indemnification of possible sources of evidence, preservation of evidence by making an exact forensic copy, complete forensic analysis of this evidence and finally our presentation of the findings.

All of our services for computer forensics; follow strict quality assurance guidelines and present a highly effective way to recover important data that you might have otherwise thought was lost forever. To find out more, call us today on 0247 77 17780 or fill in our contact form.

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