Viva Las Lima: Seven diverse sectors that use our award-winning case management software

26 August 2021

The recent release of Lima v2.9 has opened our software to a broad range of new industries, from healthcare and vetting to banking and gaming, and now the sky is the limit for Lima.

We’ve rounded up seven sectors that rely on Lima and illustrate just how much our platform has evolved.

1. Casinos & Gaming

Viva Las Lima! You might be surprised to read that our leading case management software has reached the neon lights of Las Vegas.

While the gambling sector may not be considered a traditional Lima customer, the clients that we work with in this industry use Lima to carry out digital forensics and e-discovery investigations into internal departments. This can cover a wide range of prohibited activity, from computer misuse to fraud.

2. Public & Private Healthcare

The healthcare sector uses Lima to carry out a variety of internal digital forensic investigations into fraud, computer misuse, and breaches of IT policy. Several internationally recognised healthcare organisations utilise Lima software, in addition to a large number of smaller providers.

3. Agriculture & Farming

Arguably most surprisingly of all, Lima has its uses in the agriculture and farming sector. The clients we work with in this sector carry out investigations into various activity and may be required to seize electronic devices from other entities to carry out digital forensic investigations. Data for review can then be shared with investigators via our web-based submissions portal.

4. Vetting Companies

Thanks to the configurational capabilities provided by Lima Administrator, our platform can be easily customised to manage the vetting process for individual people. This can assist commercial vetting agents or those who operate as part of a local authority or law enforcement agency.

Lima is used by numerous vetting organisations across the globe, most of whom operate as commercial providers for companies that need to get their employees vetted for legal purposes. This includes ensuring their employees do not have criminal convictions, associations, or are connected to any other activity which may be detrimental to the company and the job role.

5. Waste Providers

Lima is used by a number of waste companies that have a digital forensics, cyber security or e-discovery division. Tasks where Lima plays a lead role are varied and can cover anything that involves an investigatory element such as investigating internal cases of fraud, computer misuse or data breaches.

6. Forensic Laboratories

Prior to the release of Lima v2.9, our platform focussed on digital forensics and managing cases for more traditional forensic disciplines proved challenging.

However, improved functionality means that Lima can now be configured to manage any type of forensic evidence and any type of forensics case, from digital to DNA.

7. Banking & Finance

Banking is a sector that carries out a significant number of internal investigations across a broad spectrum, from fraud to computer misuse, and Lima provides the ideal solution.

Additionally, the industry itself does tend to be quite volatile, lending itself to investigations of ex-employees’ machines. This in turn can help build up their security posture, including making sure they have Incident Response (IR) capability as Lima has the capability to track the Incident Response process. This is particularly effective as and when a company finds themselves subject to a cyber-attack or data breach.


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