Webcam Cover Slides Now Available!

23 March 2017

Anyone can watch or record you through your webcam. Keep the attackers out by covering it!

Due to popular demand, our webcam cover slides are now available for purchase on our online store!

As part of our Cyber Security focus, we travel around the country hosting and attending Cyber Security Events. As part of this movement, our Principal PFI Consultant, Andrew Bassi, showcases a LIVE demonstration of a hack to the audience. We found that the audience were mostly alarmed that the hack allowed for Andrew to watch and record the user through their webcam camera – without the user knowing or having any way of finding out. This is a common technique used by hackers to find out personal & confidential information about their targets! Initially these webcam cover slides were only available at our Cyber Security events, but following high demand, we have decided to make them available for you on our website!

This webcam cover slide sticks onto your webcam and allows you to slide it open when you need to use your webcam, and keep it closed when you do not, just so you can be sure that no-one is watching you!

Product Overview:

  • Sliding cover for PC’s, Laptop and Mac webcams.
  • Keep closed when webcam not in use.
  • Be reassured that you are not being watched!
  • Want to be more secure? The packaging provides information on the Cyber Essentials scheme we offer and our Incident Response Services.


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