Who can benefit from Computer Forensics?

27 September 2016

Computer Forensics is fast becoming one of the most beneficial forms of investigation available to legal proceedings. In this day and age, almost everyone will use a computer or mobile phone at some point in the day, so it is highly likely that most crimes or breaches of privacy will come into contact with one or the other. Here at Intaforensics, we provide this highly advanced form of investigation for our clients, so read on to find out who will benefit.

Put simply, everyone who isn’t the defendant will benefit from computer forensics if it finds an important piece of information or provides the missing link between the specific crime and the person/persons accused of committing it. However, there are certain sectors which we have seen to benefit from our services, so we have devised a rundown of just a few below:

The Victim

First and foremost, the victim of any crime or breach of conduct will benefit from our thorough computer forensics services because they may be looking for closure or losing hope that their accusation no longer has any legs to stand on. This can happen when many people believe that information on a computer or a mobile device is lost forever when ‘deleted’. This is not the case, as our team of experts can delve deep into a computer’s hard drive and retrieve information of any activity, used programs or documents, and present them as evidence.

The Police Force

Here at Intaforensics, we have a strong working relationship with police forces from around the country and have helped with a whole variety of cases, which include:

–    Criminal Damage
–    Indecent Images
–    Computer Misuse
–    Intellectual Property Theft
–    Identity Theft


There has also been many instances of malicious activity taking place on a computer owned by a company and this could be anything from the duplication of important information, to computer hacking.

Our computer forensics service is designed to help anyone who requires it, so to gain more information on the specific services we provide, please get in touch today.

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