Digital Forensic Consultancy

IntaForensics experts have significant expertise in commercial and law enforcement forensics. As a result our team have been involved in a wide range of projects and engagements over the years, including:

  • Establishing new forensics laboratories from scratch
  • Creating new law enforcement processes and systems
  • Assisting organisations with forensic readiness planning
  • Bespoke solutions for your organisation Speak to us about the challenges you are facing


Establishing a New Digital Forensics Lab

The IntaForensics team can work with you to establish the specification for your laboratory, your work flow processes, security requirements and technologies necessary to deliver your “mission”. Our team can also install and configure a complete laboratory and case management system suitable for your requirements, and provide you with supporting Standard Operating Processes which would enable you to meet the requirements of the ISO 17025, ISO 9001 and elements of ISO 27001. The degree and depth to which our consultants can go is limited only by your budget and requirements.

Assessing Forensic Readiness

Our team can work with your internal Information Security team to establish the threats you are facing as an organisation, and identify ways in which your systems can be configured to enable forensic investigations to be managed more efficiently, should the need arise. We may recommend that you institute additional security measures, change or maintain logging or security features in your operating systems etc. The aim is to ensure that forensic investigations can be conducted quickly and cost efficiently across your systems.

Forensic Assurance Services

We can work with you to implement a programme of forensic assurance – typically this involves taking forensic images of computers from staff at periodic intervals. This service is particularly appropriate for knowledge workers, or organisations where knowledge is a key tradable asset.

Awareness Training

We can provide simple awareness training for investigations staff in your organisation, enabling them to understand the role of and sources of digital forensic evidence that may be available to assist them in investigations into any type of incident within their organisation. This can be either standardised or tailored to your specific environment, as required.

Remote Forensic Assistance

We can put in place a remote forensic server within your organisation’s network, which would allow us to connect to any end point on your network and conduct a full forensic investigation covertly and discretely. This enables us to offer a Service Level Agreement with very short times for commencement of activity (for example a 4 hour SLA timescale is possible). Our Remote Forensic Assistance Service can work covertly in the background of day-to-day organisational operations to guarantee a lack of disruption.

Why IntaForensics?

With years of industry experience, technical excellence and a dedicated team, IntaForensics are capable of offering the full range of digital investigation services, and are able to adapt to the unique and individual needs of solicitors, private clients, Law Enforcement Agencies and commercial organisations.

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